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January 21 2019

Cryptopsy tour dates for “Hell Over North America”

North America! Get ready for this monstrous tour! Alongside with Aborted , Benighted and Hideous Divinity, Cryotopsy will bring “Hell Over North America”! Get your copy of “The Book Of Suffering – Tome II” here!

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January 15 2019

“Consuming Impulse 30th Anniversary Edition” from Pestilence up for pre-order now!

Out in February, pre-orders up now! The 2-LP deluxe 30th Anniversary Edition of the Pestilence masterpiece “Consuming Impulse” with the originally rejected artwork! Available on black, neon red and ultra clear vinyl! Order here!

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January 14 2019

Leviathan bag with 5 albums on cassette!

Limited to 300 copies, each containing five music cassettes! Only available directly here in our store! Expected to ship around February 1st 2019. Order here Leviathan is an American ambient black metal solo project that started in 1998 by Jef […]

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January 12 2019

Cryptopsy at Hell Over North America

Attention North America! Cryptopsy is coming for you this Spring! Alongside Aborted, Benighted and Hideous Divinity, Cryptopsy will bring Hell over North America! Stay tuned for the official routing.

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January 11 2019

Hammerheart Records announces license on Opera IX’s latest album “The Gospel” for a vinyl release

Anyone into Black Metal, and especially the more Occult and Symphonic side of the Darker Arts must be familiar with one of Italy’s oldest Dark bands, Opera IX. Opera IX has been around since 1990 and never failed to release […]

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January 3 2019

The new Phlebotomized album out now!

The new long awaited album from Dutch death/doom outfit Phlebotomized, “Deformation of Humanity” is out now! Phlebotomized return to their roots and finally deliver a follow-up to “Immense Intense Suspense” 25 years later! This being the title track of the […]

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December 21 2018

Phlebotomized full album stream online

Dutch death/doom outfit Phlebotomized are currently streaming their new, long awaited album “Deformation of Humanity”. Phlebotomized return to their roots and finally deliver a follow-up to “Immense Intense Suspense” 25 years later! This being the title track of the upcoming […]

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December 7 2018

Phlebotomized premiere new song!

Phlebotomized return to their roots and finally deliver a follow-up to “Immense Intense Suspense” 25 years later! This being the title track of the upcoming long awaited new album “Deformation Of Humanity”! The album is set for a januari 2019 […]

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November 23 2018

New re-issues from Nifelheim and Emperor available now!

Available now in our webstore! The cult EP from Emperor, “As The Shadows Rise” on Mini-LP with CD-single and “Servants Of Darkness” from Nifelheim as deluxe Picture-LP in a sleeve, with lyric sheet! Emperor – As The Shadows Rise Mini-LP […]

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November 14 2018

Defy The Curse full EP stream

Dutch death dealers (try saying that three times fast!) Defy the Curse are shameless in their love for Entombed-style Swedish death metal and crust on their self-titled debut EP. Rabid, buzzsaw guitars and vocals spit out at high velocity mix […]

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November 7 2018

The new Cryptopsy EP available now!

The brand new EP from Cryptopsy is available now! Digi-Mini-CD € 9,90 Mini-LP (Black vinyl with etched B-side) € 14,90 Mini-LP (Clear vinyl with etched B-side) € 15,90 It is for sure, Cryptopsy is on top of their game and […]

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November 5 2018

Phlebotomized premiere lyric video

Dutch Innovative Death Metal Masters Phlebotomized has revealed the first single called “Proclamation Of A Terrified Breed”, taken from the upcoming album “Deformation Of Humanity”! The album is set for a januari 2019 release via Hammerheart Records. Tracklist: 1. Premonition […]

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October 16 2018

Phlebotomized reveals album cover and tracklist!

Dutch Innovative Death Metal Masters Phlebotomized return to form with their upcoming album “Deformation Of Humanity”… a logical follow up to their “Immense Intense Suspense” album! The album is set for a januari 2019 release via Hammerheart Records. The fantastic […]

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October 12 2018

Necrophobic’s “The Call” re-issue on Mini-LP

Legendary and much sought after Necrophobic EP gets re-issued as a 12” Mini-LP. “The Call” EP was recorded at the famous Sunlight studio in Stockholm, but sees Necrophobic backing off from the very Entombed sound of their “Unholy Prophecies” demo, […]

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October 11 2018

Phlebotomized teases new album!

Let us see if we can build up a bit of excitement with a teaser video for Deformation of Humanity” by Phlebotomized! Sit back, click and get just a small fix of what is actually coming your way! www.phlebotomizedmetal.com www.facebook.com/phlebotomized.official

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October 11 2018

Death Metal legends Cryptopsy continue their chaotic reign on “Fear His Displeasure”

I’m going to get this out of the way now to save time, it would be easy to write several pages discussing how important Cryptopsy is to me and the world of death metal as a whole. But I am […]

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October 10 2018

Hammerheart Records and Dead Head announce future plans on catalogue and a new album in 2019!

Hammerheart Records and Dead Head announce the re-issues of all past recordings of the Dutch Thrash Metal legends. Each album will be re-issued in the top quality that Hammerheart Records is known for by now. This includes the painful process […]

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September 18 2018

Self titled debut EP from Defy The Curse at Hammerheart Records

Hammerheart Records will release the debut EP from the new Dutch old school Death Metal outfit Defy The Curse as 12″ LP and MC! The release date is set for december this year! Defy The Curse is new 4 piece […]

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September 13 2018

“The Book Of Suffering – Tome II” from Cryoptopsy at Hammerheart Records

Good and exciting news, we will continue our great co-operation with the ever innovating Cryptopsy! “The Book Of Suffering – Tome II” will be released by Hammerheart Records as vinyl 12″, Digi-MCD and MC. The deal is sealed in blood […]

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September 11 2018

“Satanic Prophecies” boxed set of 5 remastered Digi-CD’s by Necrophobic!

All the classic Necrophobic albums will be re-issued in upgraded artwork and sound quality. Fully remastered, sounding more powerful than ever before, these are the definitive versions of the classic albums by the legendary Swedish Death Metal band. In the […]

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September 7 2018

Deluxe Picture-LP Boxset from Pestilence!

After one of the most succesfull years in their already more than impressive career Pestilence announces a final release for 2018… and what a release this will be! Under the name “Prophetic Revelations 1987-1993” Pestilence and Hammerheart Records present you […]

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September 4 2018

Pre-order “The Ten Commandments” from Malevolent Creation now!

“The Ten Commandments” from Malevolent Creation is available for pre-order now! The following formats will be available: 2-CD (including all the studio and live demos)Regular LP (available on black and limited clear vinyl)Deluxe 2-LP (including all the studio demos, on […]

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August 3 2018

Sear Bliss new album “Letters from the Edge” out now!

“Letters from the Edge” from Sear Bliss is out now. Metal with horns since 1993! Order here: www.hammerheart.com/order/searbliss Stream on youtube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRSJWUrNmWY Bandcamp: www.searblisshhr.bandcamp.com/album/letters-from-the-edge The album which is regarded as the definitive Sear Bliss record according to the band is […]

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August 1 2018

Hammerheart Records enters agreement with the Hoffman brothers to work together on Amon and the classic Deicide catalogue!

Hammerheart Records is very pleased to announce we will be teaming up with Amon. Amon is a killer US Death Metal band with both Eric and Brian Hoffman in the line-up, and Amon was the band that changed its name […]

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June 15 2018

Sear Bliss presents full album stream for “Letters from the Edge”

Hammerheart Records will release “Letters from the Edge” from Sear Bliss next month, but you can stream it in full below, as well as purchase digital via Bandcamp. Stream on youtube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRSJWUrNmWY Bandcamp: www.searblisshhr.bandcamp.com/album/letters-from-the-edge The album which is regarded as […]

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May 31 2018

Hammerheart Records joins forces with Dutch Death Metal legends Phlebotomized

Phlebotomized is that kind of Death Metal band that caused a stir in the booming Dutch Death Metal scene back in the early 90’s. Their “Devoted To God” demo was recognized worldwide as a classic one. In 1994 Phlebotomized released […]

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May 16 2018

Sear Bliss video premiere for “Shroud”

“Shroud” is the first song published from the upcoming Sear Bliss album entitled “Letters from the Edge”. The album which is regarded as the definitive Sear Bliss record according to the band is going to be released in July by […]

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April 16 2018

New Kadaverdisciplin video

Black metal from Västervik, Sweden aiming to go for the Black Metal elite with their debut album! Check out their new videoclip for “Landscapes Of Burning Limbs”: “Death Supremacy” is available now! Order CD/Digi-CD/LP:Hammerheart Records WebstoreHammerheart Records Bandcamp Order digital: […]

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April 6 2018

Sear Bliss sign to Hammerheart Records

Sear Bliss have signed to Hammerheart Records and will release their brand new album. The band’s 8th record entitled “Letters from the Edge” will be out in summer 2018. In addition, the band is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Band leader […]

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March 25 2018

Malevolent Creation joins Hammerheart Records and Eternal Rock

Legendary US-Death Metal band Malevolent Creation has joined Hammerheart Records as their label for releasing new and old music and will be booked worldwide through Eternal Rock! The plan for 2018 is to release a brand new killer album and […]

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March 8 2018

Pestilence shows cancellation

English We are very unfortunate to announce the temporary cancellation of four Pestilence shows. Pestilence cannot perform on March 10th in Gran Canaria, and the release shows in The Netherlands the weekend after (March 15-17). Our thoughts are for the […]

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February 13 2018

Pestilence’s “Hadeon” release shows

Na het overweldigende succes van de Europase “Fight The Plague” tour komt Pestilence terug op Vaderlandse bodem om eindelijk “Hadeon” voor te stellen aan de fans. De nieuwe line-up rondom Patrick Mameli heeft zichzelf gedurende 4 weken (en 12 landen) […]

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January 26 2018

Pestilence releases “Hadeon” digitally to coincide with “Fight the Plague” European Tour start!

Today Pestilence embarks on a month long European tour under the name “Fight the Plague”, and will perform an old school set consisting of songs from their first four classic albums. After the tour “Hadeon” will be released, the new […]

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January 12 2018

Corpus Rottus’ “Rituals Of Silence” to be re-issued

Hammerheart Records has come to an agreement to re-release the infamous underground album “Rituals Of Silence” by Corpus Rottus from the U.S.! Originally released on vinyl only in 1991 Corpus Rottus belongs to that list of extremely cool underground bands […]

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January 11 2018

Pestilence releases second single from “Hadeon”!

Pestilence gives in to fans craving for more songs from “Hadeon” with the second single from that upcoming killer album. “Non Physical Existent” is the opening song on “Hadeon” and features once again all the Pestilence trademarks we love them […]

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January 4 2018

Classic Meliah Rage albums to be re-issued in deluxe editions

Back in 1989 I saw Meliah Rage perform live as support act to Gang Green, and even if the combination was strange it left a lasting impression. I still love both bands as much today as I did back then. […]

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January 4 2018

Hammerheart Records announces Martyria’s self-titled debut album as a release on vinyl only

Hammerheart Records has a very long tradition in releasing Heathen ambient music (remember Hagalaz’Runedance) and when we heard the album by Martyria, we decided to do a co-operation with the band and release this haunting recording on vinyl only. With […]

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January 4 2018

Hear Exclusive New Pestilence Song “Hypnotic Terror” Via Decibel Flexi Series

Reactivated Dutch death metal legends Pestilence have officially joined the Decibel Flexi Series, and this exclusive new track, “Hypnotic Terror” was recorded during the sessions for the new Pestilence LP, Hadeon, which is slated for a March release via Hammerheart, […]

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January 2 2018

Pestilence’s “Hadeon” pre-orders are up!

The legendary Dutch death dealers Pestilence are back! Pre-order the new album “Hadeon” now in various variants. We expect to ship early february! Pre-order here: www.hammerheart.com/pre-order/pestilence After the “Fight the Plague” European tour Pestilence will present their new album “Hadeon” […]

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December 19 2017

Pestilence releases fantastic artwork for “Hadeon” and first single!

Just before the darkest day of the year Hammerheart Records is extremely proud to show the world the artwork for “Hadeon” by Dutch Death Metal legends Pestilence. It is created by Michal “Xaay” Loranc (Behemoth, Nile, Evocation, Vader, Necrophagist), a […]

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December 8 2017

Sammath shows “Thrive In Arrogance” video

After 11 years Sammath returns to the stage at “Into Darkness Fest” with new drummer Wim van Der Valk (Centurian, Inquisitor). Long time bassist Ruud Nillesen and Jan Kruitwagen doing the vocals for the first time on stage. We dare […]

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December 6 2017

Release shows for Pestilence’s “Hadeon”

After the “Fight the Plague” European tour Pestilence will present their new album “Hadeon” to their home country’s fans. On March 15th, 16th and 17th Pestilence will play Eindhoven, Drachten and their home town of Enschede. For these shows the […]

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November 30 2017

Pestilence record exclusive new song for Decibel Flexi Series!

After a brief hiatus, legendary Dutch death dealers Pestilence reactivated in 2016 and the first fruits of their new lineup will come via the Decibel Flexi Series! “Hypnotic” was recorded during the sessions for the new Pestilence LP, Hadeon, which […]

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November 16 2017

Pestilence presents “Consuming South America” Tour

Dutch Death Metal legends Pestilence have announced a full Latin America headline tour for March/April called “Consuming Latin America”! A list of the first announced tour dates is available below. www.facebook.com/Pestilenceofficialwww.pestilence.nl

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November 14 2017

Pestilence welcomes Calin Paraschiv!

Due to personal circumstances guitarist extraordinaire Santiago Dobles (Aghora, Cynic) will not participate in future live-performances with/for Pestilence. Santiago’s latest contribution are some excellent solo’s on Pestilence’s upcoming album “Hadeon” (coming in March 2018). For now this ends Santiago’s involvement […]

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November 8 2017

Inquisitor premiere new song

To get you all as excited as we are; Inquisitor reveals the new track “On A Black Red Blooded Cross” from their long awaited new album “Stigmata Me, I’m In Misery” which is set for January 2018 (CD/LP) and December […]

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November 3 2017

Dead Head share video for “Palfium”

The Thrash is on! Dutch extreme Thrash Metal outfit Dead Head have shared the official video for “Palfium” from their latest album “Swine Plague”! Aggressive, mean, explosive and intense! Watch the video here: Repress on vinyl: Due to high demand, […]

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October 27 2017

Rebaelliun unleashed new track

“War Cult Anthem”, brand new track of Brazilian Death Metal combo Rebaelliun, and opener of their new release, the EP “Bringer of War (The Last Stand)” is out! The EP contains 4 new tracks recorded in Brazil this year and […]

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October 25 2017

Cover artwork for Pestilence’s “Hadeon” cancelled

Last week we proudly presented the artwork for “Hadeon”, the new album by legendary Death Metal band Pestilence. This, in itself, fantastic artwork was created by Triple Seis, a company specialized in artwork for Metal bands (they did many artwork […]

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October 13 2017

Dreaming Dead announces tour dates

For the first time in 2 years, Dreaming Dead returns to the stage for the upcoming Narcotic Wasteland (Dallas Toler-Wade, ex-Nile) tour. The band has also gone through a significant lineup change, now with Elizabeth Schall on vox & lead […]

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