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May 21 2022

Nattehimmel demo tape available now!

Founded in January 2022, Nattehimmel immediately began to assemble and finish various songs that had been in progress and recorded a 5 tracks of their unique style to send to friends. Hammerheart Records immediately recognized the quality and heritage of the m...
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May 21 2022

Trouble’s “Simple Mind Condition” 2CD re-issue out now!

Trouble’s comeback album “Simple Mind Condition” re-issued as deluxe 2CD edition, features a fantastic “Greatest Hits” set played live, known as “Live in Stockholm 2003” on CD 2, all fully remastered! The LP edition and limited “Live in...
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May 17 2022

Pre-orders for the vinyl re-issue of Vile’s “Depopulate” open now!

Vile’s crushing second album “Depopulate” is a modern classic in American Death Metal! On vinyl for the first time. Pre-order Hammerheart Records: https://bit.ly/3Nh8K0P Pre-order Napalm Records: https://bit.ly/3sD06Sw “Depopulate” is Vile’s second...
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May 14 2022

Hammerheart Records teams up with Wothrosch

Emerging from the gutters of Athens, Greece in 2018, Wothrosch embarked on a path to create their inmost sinister art. In late 2019, the Athenian trio united with George Emmanuel (ex-Rotting Christ), in order to produce Wothrosch’s sonic conjurings, whic...
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May 13 2022

Mezzrow re-issues out today!

Superb Scandinavian Thrash Metal, an absolute highlight for Thrash Metal fans. Remastered and full of killer Thrash riffs! The second CD contains all demo’s! Order at Hammerheart Records here: https://bit.ly/3MqsoaN Order at Napalm Records here: https://bit....
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