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February 21 2020

First single from Collision’s last mini-album “The Final Kill”!

Last august Collision decided to quit after almost 20 years… As a sweet goodbye Collision went to Toneshed Recording Studio in october to record their last mini album: “The Final Kill”! A fast, frantic and aggressive crossover between Grindcore and […]

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February 14 2020

Hammerheart Records announces partnership with metal legends Trouble

Maastricht, The Netherlands, 14-2-2020 Hammerheart Records will partner with the legendary metal band Trouble to re-release their entire musical catalogue, in addition to their upcoming album. Hammerheart Records is thrilled to announce their biggest achievement to-date with the signing of […]

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February 5 2020

Craft 5-Picture LP boxset!

Craft 5-Picture LP box will be out in april. Soundtrack to the End of the World! Boxset with 5 high quality 180 grams Picture-LP’s and a poster. Limited to 500 copies worldwide! Essential for True Black Metal fans worshipping the […]

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January 28 2020

Konkhra on tour with Батюшка and Malevolent Creation!

Danish Konkhra is joining Батюшка and Malevolent Creation on Панихида European Tour in February and March 2020. Even though Denmark may be synonymous with King Diamond and Lars Ulrich in the first place, it certainly has its quality death metal […]

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January 28 2020

Pre-order the remastered re-issue of Master’s first album Master now!

In March 2020 Hammerheart Records will have back in stock the 2-CD version of the legendary Master – “Master” album, this time as a regular jewelcase 2-CD in a gloss varnished slipcase, obviously the main course is the legendary album […]

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January 24 2020

Viogression’s “Expound And Exhort” re-issue available for pre-order now!

In March 2020 Hammerheart Records will re-issue Viogression’s “Expound And Exhort” on LP, 2-CD in a slipcase and MC. It is a highly regarded album, critically acclaimed and sought after by many fans collecting Old School Death Metal. And finally […]

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January 16 2020

Hooded Menace’s “Never Cross The Dead” re-issue up for pre-order now!

In March 2020 Hammerheart Records will re-issue Hooded Menace’s “Never Cross The Dead” as a 10th anniversary edition on 2-LP, slipcase CD and MC. It is a highly regarded album, critically acclaimed and Hooded Menace’s will perform this album in […]

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January 14 2020

Long running Swedish Death Metal band Sarcasm joins in a cooperation with Hammerheart Records!

Sarcasm got started during the Golden Age of Swedish Death, in the year 1990. After 4 years of releasing demos Sarcasm disappeared, but returned to form by 2015. Aside from several compilations Sarcasm has released three critically acclaimed albums since […]

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December 19 2019

Classic Finnish Death Metal demos by Funebre on vinyl and cassette!

In February 2020 Hammerheart Records will re-issue the demos done by Finnish Death Metal cult band Funebre on vinyl and on cassette under the name of “Cranial Torment”. It and will be released on 140 grams quality black vinyl and […]

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December 18 2019

Borknagar re-issue cancelled

Hammerheart Records will not re-issue the Borknagar self-titled album. Hammerheart Records has bought the rights from another company in the past and it seems that this deal was not legal. We apologize to the band and people who have ordered […]

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December 13 2019

Vile – “Stench Of The Deceased” vinyl re-issue pre-orders are online now!

In February 2020 Hammerheart Records will release another Underground classic: Vile’s “Stench of the Deceased”  as a vinyl release only. This great US Death Metal album was never before available on LP, and will be released on black vinyl and […]

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November 27 2019

Coffins EP’s “March Of Despair” and “Craving To Eternal Slumber” re-issue!

“March Of Despair” and “Craving To Eternal Slumber”, two out of print EP’s from Coffins with bonustracks on one CD, over 75 minutes of ancient Doom/Death Metal from Japan’s biggest Death Metal band! For fans of: Asphyx, Hellhammer, Entombed, Autopsy, […]

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November 20 2019

Defleshed – “Under The Blade” vinyl re-issue!

One of the most intense Metal albums when it comes to the crossover between Thrash & Death Metal! For the first time as a regular vinyl edition! Defleshed – Under The Blade LP (Black vinyl) € 15,90 Defleshed – Under […]

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November 13 2019

Viogression’s “Expound And Exhord” re-issue

At the moment we are working a great re-issue of the debut LP “Expound And Exhord” from Viogression! We restored the album art, got tons of cool old school pictures and the album will get a remaster by Toneshed Recording […]

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November 6 2019

Grinder vinyl re-issues out now!

Grinder, a highlight in German Speed/Thrash Metal that will appeal to fans of Blind Guardian, Exumer and Paradox. Totally in your face and catchy as Hell, from the golden era of German Metal! Needed in any Metal collections that also […]

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October 28 2019

Sólstafir’s “Köld” deluxe gatefold 2-LP re-issue out now!

“Köld” will take up 70 minutes of your life when digested in one listen, and we recommend you do so. After the attentive and careful listening to “Köld” you’ll never forget it, it is a journey… 2-LP (Black vinyl) € […]

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October 22 2019

Sol Sistere support Mgła in Columbia

Sol Sistere will support Mgła during their upcoming tour in Columbia! Don’t miss out on this one! 13.03.2020 – Cali, Colombia 14.03.2020 – Medellín, Colombia 15.03.2020 – Bogotá, Colombia Buy “Extinguished Cold Light” from Sol Sistere now!

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October 18 2019

Konkhra – “Alpha And The Omega” out today!

The comeback album of 2019! After ten years Denmark’s loudest band returns to form! Formed in 1989, the Danish death metal band Konkhra had quite a run, releasing six studio albums, a live album, and a handful of other shorter […]

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October 17 2019

Razor re-issues available now!

The three Razor re-issues on vinyl are in stock, each release in 700x black, 200x red and 100x clear vinyl. If you call yourself a Thrash Metal fan you need these fine albums in your collection! Order here!

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October 4 2019

Sammath: “Across the Rhine is only death” full album stream!

Utter terror in musical form! Destroying your soul since 1994! A true tale of death & destruction, no fancy fairytale! Sammath will release their new album “Across the Rhine is only death” via Hammerheart Records. The full album is up […]

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September 24 2019

Pre-orders for Konkhra’s “Alpha And The Omega” are online now!

Konkhra’s “Alpha And The Omega” is the comeback album of 2019! After ten years Denmark’s loudest band returns to form! The album will be available in various limited vinyl colors and as deluxe Digi-CD. Pre-order now: www.hammerheartstore.com/collections/vendors?q=Konkhra www.konkhra.bandcamp.com/album/alpha-and-the-omega

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September 23 2019

Jan Kruitwagen from Sammath joins Daemoness Guitars

Jan Kruitwagen from Sammath proudly joins the Daemoness Guitars signature team among the likes of 1349, Vitriol and more. www.daemonessguitars.co.uk www.hammerheart.com/order/sammath

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September 20 2019

“Järtecken” from Ereb Altor out now!

Out today! The new Ereb Altor album “Järtecken”… available on Digi-CD, LP, Picture-LP, MC and a special wooden boxset! order here: www.hammerheart.com/order/erebaltor The new Ereb Altor album “Järtecken” is a future classic! A sign of things to come! Ereb Altor […]

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September 16 2019

Ereb Altor presents “Prepare For War”

“Prepare For War” is the third and last single released from the upcoming album “Järtecken” by Ereb Altor. It shows a different, more aggressive and straight forward approach, that will convince the masses that there will always be a part […]

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September 13 2019

Ensiferum vinyl re-issues

In January 2020 Hammerheart Records will start a new year with a full blast of Metal! Due to very high demand Hammerheart Records will re-issue the first five Ensiferum albums on deluxe gatefold vinyl: Ensiferum 2-LP (100x Ultra Clear / 100x […]

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September 6 2019

War is coming! Sammath pre-orders are online now!

War is coming! Pre-order “Across The Rhine Is Only Death” on various formats now: Digi-CD Deluxe wooden boxset (including Digi-CD, an original shell from the warzone, sticker and patch) LP (Black vinyl) LP (Gold/Black vinyl) MC Pre-order at the Hammerheart […]

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August 26 2019

Konkhra release another new song “Toth”!

The comeback album of 2019! After ten years Denmark’s loudest band returns to form! Check out the second single “Toth” here: Youtube Spotify  There has always been a hidden hand that moves between the known and the unknown. The […]

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August 23 2019

Isole’s “Dystopia” out today!

Available now on CD, LP and Digital, the new album by Isole! Fans of classic Doom Metal should beg, steal, or kill to get their hands on “Dystopia”. This is a big album, with big songs and a big sound! […]

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August 22 2019

Cryptopsy Latin America tour!

Latin America! Cryptopsy is coming for you in November 2019! NOV 06: Monterrey, Mexico @ Nandas Barrios NOV 07: Mexico DF, Mexico @ Foro Indie Rocks NOV 08: Guatemala City, Guatemala @ Rock Vuh NOV 09: El Salvador, San Salvador […]

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August 20 2019

Moonsorrow CD box out this October

Moonsorrow justifiably has become one of Folk/Black/Viking Metal genre’s most famous acts with their surprisingly sophisticated take on the genre, showcasing some of the best clean vocals the genre has to offer and incorporating influence from disparate genres like progressive […]

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August 15 2019

Full album stream for the new Isole album “Dystopia”

It has been a great 2019 for Hammerheart Records so far and as a little thank you to all those who support us we decided to present you the stream of the new album by Sweden’s rising Heavy Doom Metal […]

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August 12 2019

Ereb Altor presents new song and pre-order on “Järtecken”

“Queen of All Seas” is the best Ereb Altor song ever, and a classic to be. Sharp Heavy Metal riffs, Nordic melodies, catchy choruses and pounding drums burst set the tone for the rest of the album. A song that […]

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August 8 2019

War is Hell: Sammath Casts “Ferocious Mortar Fire”

War isn’t pretty, and a lot of metal romanticizes it. Yes, the act of war itself might be something particularly inspiring for the violent, brooding world of metal. Cinematically, though, metal seems to be more like a propaganda film with […]

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July 31 2019

Konkhra presents new song “Babylon”!

The first track from Konkhra’s “Alpha and the Omega” is released. “Babylon” combines the best of Konkhra’s past and present, the Death Metal roots show, but the groove is there too. Enjoy and prepare for more to come! Konkhra is back! […]

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July 30 2019

Sammath presents new song “Bitter Fighting Amongst The Dead”!

Today sees the first audio evidence unleashed upon the masses from Sammath’s new album “Across the Rhine is only death”! The song “Bitter Fighting Amongst the Dead” is a fine example of the sheer insanity put into their new recording, […]

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July 23 2019

Ereb Altor share “With Fire In My Heart” music video

The new Ereb Altor album “Järtecken” is a future classic! A sign of things to come! Ereb Altor share the official video for “With Fire In My Heart”, taken from the upcoming album “Järtecken”. Watch the new video here, listen […]

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July 16 2019

Ereb Altor: announce new full length album cover and tracklist for “Järtecken”

Swedish viking metal band Ereb Altor will release their new full length album “Järtecken” on 20th September! Ereb Altor always promises one thing with each release: Epic, Folk-blended Metal inspired by the Norse legends. “Järtecken” shakes things up again with a true […]

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July 14 2019

Isole shares a new music video for “Beyond The Horizon”

Sweden’s classic Doom Metal outfit Isole share the official video for “Beyond The Horizon” a month before the release of their upcoming album “Dystopia”. Watch the new video, directed by Niklas Nannebro here, listen on Spotify here and Bandcamp here. “Dystopia” […]

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July 12 2019

Cryptopsy’s “Blasphemy Made Flesh” to be re-issued as deluxe 25th anniversary edition!

Cryptopsy’s path to Death Metal domination started 25 years ago with “Blasphemy Made Flesh”. This edition celebrates this fact with a deluxe CD/DVD edition, featuring the album plus the demo added, and a live show on DVD from 1995! Limited […]

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July 10 2019

“The Gospel” from Opera IX out now on vinyl!

The new studio album by the legendary Opera IX is finally released after six long years! Get your copy here! Opera IX certainly do not need presentation, they have been true initiators of Italian occult black metal since the early […]

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July 9 2019

Runemagic vinyl re-issues out now!

“Darkness Death Doom” and “On Funeral Wings” re-issued on double LP with bonus tracks! Runemagic – Darkness Death Doom 2-LP (Silver vinyl) € 17,90 Runemagic – On Funeral Wings 2-LP (Gold vinyl) € 17,90

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July 6 2019

Dead Head’s “The Shark Tapes” on Mini-LP soon!

The lost Dead Head recordings from 1995 for the first time officially released. 45 RPM vinyl for a maximum dose of Deadly Thrash Metal! The mid nineties were a weird time for metal. Declining audiences, grunge and alternative rock dominated […]

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June 28 2019

Isole: share new song “Written In The Sand”

Swedish classic Doom Metal outfit Isole share the official audio for “Written In The Sand”, taken from their upcoming album “Dystopia”. Listen to the new track on Spotify or Bandcamp. Fans of classic Doom Metal should beg, steal, or kill […]

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June 12 2019

Konkhra’s new album “Alpha And The Omega”

There has always been a hidden hand that moves between the known and the unknown. The pertinent minds have felt this for ages: The question of what lies between the veils of existence. From monks choir atop mountains of solitude […]

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June 12 2019

“The Gospel” from Opera IX out now on LP

Anyone into Black Metal, and especially the more Occult and Symphonic side of the Darker Arts must be familiar with one of Italy’s oldest Dark bands, Opera IX. Opera IX has been around since 1990 and never failed to release […]

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June 11 2019

Akantha album out now!

Pure old school orthodox Black Metal that brings back memories of 1991-1993! Razorsharp riffing, insane basic drumpatterns and neck-breaking compositions! For fans of: Judas Iscariot, Burzum and Darkthrone! Pre-orders are online now: CD € 11,90 LP (Clear vinyl) € 15,90 […]

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June 3 2019

New Isole album out in August!

Melancholy will sweep over the world at the end of August. The new Isole album Dystopia will be out August 30 on Vinyl, CD and Cassete via Hammerheart Records! Tracklist: 1. Beyond The Horizon 2. Written In The Sand 3. […]

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June 1 2019

The second Dead Head album gets a well deserved re-issue!

Coming in september on 2-CD/LP/Digital, the re-issue from Dead Head’s “Dream Deceiver”! Remastered by Robert Woning and Bertus Westerhuis. Dead Head’s second full length album is the most mature and diverse album in their discography, a massacre that leaves no […]

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May 31 2019

The new Sol Sistere is out now!

“Extinguished Cold Light” represents a different world, a universe of burning hatred and bitterness, where the only way forward is to stumble on through the dark. Perhaps though, the blazing majesty can help you find the way home… For fans […]

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May 29 2019

NervoChaos to start their “Europe Ablaze Tour”

NervoChaos will start their Europe Ablaze Tour soon! Order the album “Ablaze” now! https://hammerheart.com/order/nervochaos/ 29.06 – Nassjo | Sweden @ Noselake Metal Festival 02.07 – Lorraine | France @ No Man’s Land 03.07 – Deinze | Belgium @ Elpee Cafe […]

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