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September 2 2021

Hammerheart Records set to re-issue 1986’s classic Metal album “Graceful Inheritance” by Heir Apparent

Hammerheart Records set to re-issue 1986’s classic Metal album “Graceful Inheritance” by Heir Apparent. All is finally ready to re-issue this classic from 1986 on January 21st 2022! As a deluxe CD and 180 gram Vinyl in different colors. Remas...
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August 20 2021

First single Extreme Cold Winter online now!

Hammerheart Records is proud to present you “Animals in Wintertime”, the new single by Dutch Death/Doom Metal outfit Extreme Cold Winter! Pre-order here: https://bit.ly/3k48OUA  Extreme Cold Winter was started in 2009 by A.J. van Drenth, who ear...
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August 19 2021

Hammerheart Records is proud to announce the signing of Swedish Death Metal act Entrails!

Hammerheart Records is proud to announce the signing of Swedish Death Metal act Entrails! As of today Entrails has joined Hammerheart Records! After starting their career in 1990 Entrails released albums for F.D.A. Rekotz and Metal Blade Records from 2010 unti...
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July 27 2021

Hammerheart Records announces co-operation with Bay-Area legends Blind Illusion! New album coming in 2022!

Guido Heijnens/owner Hammerheart Records: “When I was young and got involved into more extreme kinds of Metal my first love was of course Thrash Metal. Soon my world was filled with sounds made by Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax and Slayer. And of course Th...
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July 23 2021

Pestilence’s “Testimony of the Ancients” anniversary edition 2-LP available now!

Now available in our store (www.hammerheartstore.com) is Pestilence’s “Testimony of the Ancients” 30th Anniversary edition 2-LP (comes with a huge poster and download card). Features the 1992 Dynamo Open Air show on an extra LP. Limited to 50...
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July 1 2021

Hammerheart Records and Swedish Death Metal Cult band Runemagick join forces

We need to go back to 1990 to witness the start of Runemagick, and after 31 years Hammerheart Records is proud to announce a partnership with one of the older Death Metal bands still around, and still being relevant. Runemagick has done a huge amount of releas...
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June 25 2021

Konkhra’s “Sexual Affective Disorder” re-issue is out today!

Out today! Konkhra’s debut album re-issue on deluxe 2-CD and LP! Classic Death Metal recorded at Sunlight Studio by Tomas Skogsberg in 1993. The bonus CD contains all demos! Order here: 2-CD (Regular jewelcase in slipcase edition) LP (Black vinyl) LP (Cl...
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June 10 2021

Invocator re-issues!

Finally the wait is over! Hammerheart Records will re-issue Invocator’s “Excursion Demise” and “Weave the Apocalypse” in February 2022. Both albums are remastered by Jacob Hansen himself and sound very tight and bright. These clas...
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June 2 2021

Hammerheart Records Gift Card

Looking for a unique gift? Look no further. With Hammerheart Records Gift Card you can give a Gift Card to anyone. Every Hammerheart Records Gift Card is delivered in just seconds so if you maybe waited until the last minute, don’t worry – we’ve got...
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May 26 2021

Hammerheart Records teams up with Finland’s Asphodelus

Asphodelus has signed worldwide with Hammerheart Records and will record a follow up to 2019’s “Stygian Dreams” during the Summer of 2021. A release is expected early 2022. “Stygian Dreams” received great reviews worldwide, compar...
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May 21 2021

Swedish Black Metal band Lord Belial signs with Hammerheart Records

Lord Belial announced being an active band again in 2020 and will enter the studio this summer to record their 9th full-length album. This is up for a release in the beginning of 2022 on Hammerheart Records. Lord Belial these days has a line up formed by the...
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May 6 2021

Stream the new Ereb Altor MLP now!

Stream the new Ereb Altor MLP now! Vinyl only EP, four new Scandanavian Metal songs full of pagan epicness. Order here: https://bit.ly/3oFX0ZK ...
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May 4 2021

Pre-order the Konkhra re-issue now!

Classic Death Metal recorded at Sunlight Studio by Tomas Skogsberg in 1993. Contains a bonus CD with all demos! Pre-order here: 2-CD (Regular jewelcase in slipcase edition) LP (Black vinyl) LP (Clear vinyl, limited to 100) LP (Orange/Black Splatter vinyl, limi...
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April 29 2021

Hammerheart Records signs Dutch Death/Doom Metal veterans Extreme Cold Winter

Hammerheart Records is proud to announce the signing of Dutch Death/Doom Metal veterans Extreme Cold Winter! The debut full length “World Exit” will be unleashed to the world in October on CD and LP. The first single is set for august, keep an eye ...
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April 24 2021

Mezzrow re-issue!

Breaking news from the Hammerheart front! Mezzrow have signed a deal with Hammerheart Records to re-release ‘Then Came The Killing’, together with all the demos from the past. ‘Then Came The Killing’ will be available on 2-CD (together ...
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April 23 2021

Ereb altor presents the title track “Eldens Boning” from their upcoming MLP!

Ereb Altor presents “Eldens Boning”, a classic vinyl only 12” Mini-LP featuring 4 four new Scandanavian Metal songs full of pagan epicness! Listen to the title track “Eldens Boning” here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAVqxfTn8gI Pre-order here: ht...
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April 9 2021

Phlebotomized’s “Pain, Resistance, Suffering” out today!

Out today! Legends Phlebotomized return with songwriting originality and mesmerizing musicianship blended together in melodic Death Metal with hints of brutality! Phlebotomized were formed back in 1989, but formally changed their name to the current one in 199...
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April 2 2021

New Ereb Altor Single!

The new Ereb Altor single is online! Listen to “The Twilight Ship” now on all streaming channels! Turn up the volume, raise your horns! Spread the news, share it like wildfire and feel free to leave a comment of your thoughts about it. Ereb Altor p...
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March 10 2021

New Grief Collector single out now!

The new Grief Collector single “Wintersick”, taken from the upcoming album “En Delirium” is out now on all streaming platforms. Doom laden Metal for fans of Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus and Crypt Sermon. Featuring legendary vocalist Ro...
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February 26 2021

Sammath resigns to Hammerheart Records

We are proud to announce that we will keep on working together with the loudest and most intense band from the Lowlands, Sammath! After severe physical and mental pressure we were forced to aim for a new album release in February 2022. After the huge impact of...
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February 15 2021

Wehrmacht pre-orders are online now!

Classic Wehrmacht re-issues are online now! Wow! Aaaarrrggghhh! Fan since 1988 and now re-issued on Hammerheart Records. Goosebumps. Pre-order is up for LP, 2-CD, MC. And also for “Shark Attack”. For now I am 16 again. Pre-order here! Shark Attack ...
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February 4 2021

New Ereb Altor vinyl only EP!

In may Ereb Altor will return with a vinyl only EP. Four new Scandanavian Metal songs full of pagan epicness! The artwork is done by Tomarum av Christine Linde. Expect the first single in april. Ereb Altor is currently working on their eight full length album....
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January 13 2021

Classic Wehrmacht re-issues out in march!

Classic Wehrmacht re-issues are coming up on 2-CD/LP/MC in march and available now on bandcamp: www.wehrmachthhr.bandcamp.com. Shark Attack by Wehrmacht Biermächt by Wehrmacht...
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November 4 2020

Full album stream for Sabrewulf! Crushing HM2 attack!

Pre-order here: https://bit.ly/2TmX7eD USA order here: https://bit.ly/37ELOqL Sabrewulfs’ “Mala Suerte” will be officially out on Friday, November 6th. The album stream is already online at our youtube page here:  This is what some ma...
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November 2 2020

Thanatos demo compilation vinyl out now!

All the demo recordings of the oldest Dutch Thrash/Death Metal band (est. 1984) collected on a deluxe 2-LP with poster! Order here: Thanatos – Thanatology – Terror From The Vault 2-LP (Black vinyl) € 17,90 As a special celebration of the band´s ...
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October 31 2020

Sarcasm’s “Esoteric Tales Of The Unserene” LP is out now!

Long overdue vinyl issue of a killer album. Sweden’s Sarcasm once again proves these guys are one of the leaders of melodic Death Metal! Order here: Sarcasm – Esoteric Tales Of The Unserene LP (Black vinyl) € 15,90 Sarcasm – Esoteric Tales Of T...
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October 20 2020

Trouble’s “Manic Frustration” re-issue out now!

Manic Frustration immediately pulls you into a time warp of 70’s metal bliss, with its razor-sharp guitar tones and muscular, crisp production! Finally re-issued! At their peak, Trouble were the perfect combination of Black Sabbath meets The Beatles, and the...
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October 3 2020

Petrichor signs Chicago’s Thrash Metal attack Bloodletter! 

Petrichor are proud to announce the signing of Bloodletter from Chicago, USA. Their ferocious, melodic thrash metal is bound to make an impact on the scene. ‘Funeral Hymns’ will be released in January 2021. ...
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September 24 2020

Petrichor signs Russia’s Black/Death band Edoma!

In January 2021 Petrichor will release Edoma’s album ‘Immemorial Existence’ on CD/LP/MC. It was previously released in a very limited run. This amazingly talented Black/Death band from Sint-Petersburg, Russia truly has something to add to the...
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September 18 2020

Petrichor releases Empress pre-orders!

Petrichor releases the second Empress single ‘Hiraeth’, pre-order the album now: EU and world: https://bit.ly/2Fd1DJd USA: https://bit.ly/2GMxnWl Bandcamp: https://empresspetrichor.bandcamp.com Once you have taken a dive in the vast ocean of sludge...
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September 16 2020

Hammerheart Records releases Thanatos demo compilation as 2-LP!

In October 2020 Hammerheart Records will release all the demo recordings of the oldest Dutch Thrash/Death Metal band (est. 1984) collected on a deluxe 2-LP with poster! As a special celebration of the band´s 35th anniversary, Hammerheart Records is thrilled t...
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September 16 2020

Limited Mock LP’s are out now!

25 years after it all started Hammerheart Records presents the complete Mock recordings on limited vinyl, pre-Kampfar! Mock was essentially the predecessor to the longstanding Norse Black Metallers Kampfar, active through the early to mid 90’s and releasing ...
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September 2 2020

Unleashed’s “Midvinterblot” re-issue out now!

Unleashed hits every cylinder possibly on “Midvinterblot”! To be hailed a classic by Viking Metal fans as well as Death Metal fans worldwide! First time on vinyl in 13 years! Killer Death Metal, from Sweden, full of variation and blessed with a killer soun...
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August 21 2020

Petrichor re-issues ‘As The Shadows Fall’ by Godsend

Petrichor is proud to announce that in November they will re-issue the first album, ‘As The Shadows Fall’, by Norwegian doom act Godsend, featuring Dan Swanö on vocals. The album is completely remastered by Toneshed Recording Studio and will be av...
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August 14 2020

Petrichor signs Descend To Acheron, crushing Death Metal!

Petrichor is proud to announce the signing of Descend To Acheron from Adelaide, Australia. They will surely cause a typhoon with their crushing riffs and (neck-)breaking blastbeats. Descent To Acheron, hailing from Adelaide, southern Australia play pulveriz...
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August 6 2020

Petrichor is proud to present Concede!

A grind/hardcore/powerviolence hybrid that slams the current state of the world in your face! Haling from Perth, Australia Concede have been around for a couple of years and managed to leave a lasting impression on the local and international scene already. Wi...
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August 5 2020

Free face mask with every order!

Check our online store, many products are lowered in price. Every order receives a free Hammerheart face mask!...
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July 31 2020

Dead Head remastered re-issue on Petrichor

Petrichor are proud to present the long overdue re-issue of Dead Head’s remastered third album ‘Kill Division’ for the first time on vinyl and deluxe slipcase 2-cd (second cd features 8 demo tracks for this album and a cover). Out in October ...
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July 24 2020

Sabrewulf on Petrichor!

Sabrewulf is latest Petrichor signing and comes from El Paso, Texas. Harsh, brutal vocals mixed with HM2 induced riffs and a pounding rhythm section that pummels you mercilessly as if you were tied to the rack… ...
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July 17 2020

Petrichor proudly present Supruga!

Petrichor proudly present Supruga, from Samara/Russia as our second signing. Their angst-ridden, gloomy blend of Endzeit emotions with darkened metal/sludge/core will surely please many of you out there. Their album ‘Хаос/Никто не в без...
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July 15 2020

Unleashed, classic Death/Viking Metal pre-orders are up!

Unleashed hits every cylinder possibly on “Midvinterblot”! To be hailed a classic by Viking Metal fans as well as Death Metal fans worldwide! First time on vinyl in 13 years! Killer Death Metal, from Sweden, full of variation and blessed with a killer soun...
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July 14 2020

Lääz Rockit re-issues pre-orders are up

Pure Bay-Area Thrash Metal classics from Lääz Rockit available now for pre-order! Pre-order now: Lääz Rockit – Annihlation Principle LP (Black vinyl, limited to 100) € 17,90 Lääz Rockit – Annihlation Principle LP (Purple/Black Galaxy vin...
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July 11 2020

First signing for Petrichor: Empress!

It is with great pleasure and pride that we announce Empress to be the first official signing for Petrichor. This amazing sludge/post-metal/doom band from Vancouver, Canada will unleash its’ debut full length album ‘Premonition’ through Petri...
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July 5 2020


Petrichor is a new label manufactured, distributed and marketed by Hammerheart Records. Run by passionate individuals who are defined by their will to bring fresh rain on dried out soil/rock (petra) combined into one label that will deliver the blood of the go...
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June 8 2020

Vendetta vinyl re-issues up for pre-order!

For Thrash Metal with top notch songwriting and excellent musical prowess, Vendetta’s “Go And Live… Stay And Die” and “Brain Damage” emerges a clear winner and should be in every Thrash collector’s collection! Pre-order now: Vende...
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May 20 2020

“Midvinterblot” from Unleashed gets a deluxe re-issue!

Classic Unleashed album “Midvinterblot” will be re-issued on deluxe 180 gram LP, CD and MC in August 2020. Keep an eye here for updates about when and what exactly....
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May 15 2020

Lääz Rockit re-issues on vinyl

Coming in August are Lääz Rockit’s “Know Your Enemy” and “Annihilation Principle” on vinyl! Fire in the hole! More info  and pre-orders soon....
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May 12 2020

Vendetta vinyl classic album re-issues

Coming in July on vinyl. Two classic albums by Vendetta re-issued! More info  and pre-orders soon...
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May 9 2020

Emperor’s “As The Shadows Rise” out now!

True Norwegian Black Metal classic! Emperor’s cult 7” re-issued as a 180 grams Picture-LP! Order here: Emperor – As The Shadows Rise Picture-LP € 17,90...
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May 4 2020

Trouble pre-orders are online now!

We have just added pre-orders for Trouble’s “Psalm 9” and “The Skull” on CD, LP, MC and digital here: www.hammerheart.com/order/trouble-psalm9 www.hammerheart.com/order/trouble-theskull Both albums have been restored from the orig...
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