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July 18 2023

Vintersorg’s “Naturbål” vinyl re-issue up for pre-order now!

Vintersorg’s “Naturbål” vinyl re-issue up for pre-order now! Classic Folk/Black Metal goes progressive! First time on vinyl! Deluxe 180 grams gatefold LP.

Pre-order here:

The Swedish visionary returns with new Folk Metal anthems! “Naturbål” (“Nature’s Bonfire”) is yet another groundbreaking Folk Metal record in the discography of the Swedish mastermind whose characteristic vocals and unique songs have left their mark on a whole genre. Folkloristic tunes merge with technical guitar riffs and multilayered melodies. Anthem-like refrains provide the finishing touches to this sweeping symbiosis. The songs combine the best of two worlds – elements of Vintersorg’s early works and the technical standard of the later years. Vintersorg is undoubtedly a visionary and offers a brilliant, consistent and sweeping album that is the perfect journey through all the periods of his work.


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