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October 4 2023

Vintersorg and Dimbild sign to Hammerheart Records!

Hammerheart Records is proud to announce the partnership with Vintersorg and Dimbild! New albums (yes, multiple albums) are being recorded and Andreas even mentioned playing live in 2024 as a possibility. Expect a new album in the first half of 2024.

Vintersorg adds:
“We are very inspired about this new step in the Vintersorg story, where we have started a new partnership with Hammerhearr Records. We are looking forward to this and are preparing the fourth album of the Element cycle, the “Water-album” as our first  mantel piece in the Hammerheart Record’s vast musical gallery, epic times ahead.”

About Dimbild:
“The Dimbild project took form 2022 when Vintersorg came to the conclusion to do something serious of fragments and ideas that he had gather for many years. Theese were of an semi-accoustic flavour and  rooted in the Scandinavian folk music traditions, but also with an bombastic approach at times. In 2022 songs were compiled and also written. The Vintersorg trademark vocals are written all over this musical  art.

It’s has been a nice journey to make the Dimbild songs come to life. I feel that I’ve found the best suitable home for this at Hammerheart Records. The songs are something that I feel is a new fresh breeze in the folk genre and also in my own way of writing music.”

Guido Heijnens, Hammerheart Records:
“Working with Andreas Hedlund on Vintersorg and Dimbild is very exciting news, since we were huge fans of Vintersorg’s albums in the 90’s when these classics were released. We even worked together then on Havayoth, and released the catalogue on vinyl. And now Vintersorg will continue its journey through the elements together with Hammerheart Records.

Dimbild is a kind of “child” from Andreas and could be described as an acoustic Vintersorg, but just wait and hear. We heard it and it is beautiful.”

Current Vintersorg re-issues available now:


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