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June 1 2024

Vincent Crowley releases new lyric video for “Coupe De Poudre”!

Vincent Crowley releases new lyric video for “Coupe De Poudre”, taken from the album “Anthology of Horror”!

A dark Heavy Metal adventure telling tales of horror and the macabre created by Vincent Crowley (ex-Acheron mastermind). A must have for both old school Death Metal fans as well fans of Mercyful Fate and Candlemass!

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“Coupe De Poudre” was inspired by Wade Davis’s 1985 book, “The Serpent and the Rainbow”, and the 1988 film of the same name. Although the story is not the exact same, many of the themes are influenced by it. The Vincent Crowley band is a Musical Horror Experience fueled by the elements of macabre tales and Metal music.


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