Hammerheart Records


August 10 2022

Vincent Crowley and Hammerheart Records announce co-operation!

After releasing “Beyond Acheron” in 2021 Vincent Crowley was noticed by Hammerheart Records. Vincent Crowley was the frontman of US Satanic Death Metal legends Acheron from 1988 until the end in 2018. Vincent was Acheron and it was always his band.

Vincent Crowley (now the bandname as well) continues where Acheron stopped, but in every aspect on a much higher level. High quality Macabre Death Metal, full and rich of details and with a powerful sound. Hammerheart Records were always fans of Acheron, and the much higher aesthetics and more professional approach of Vincent Crowley in his new band lead to this co-operation.

Expect a full length album in 2023.



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