Hammerheart Records


August 1 2022

Trouble announces recording of new album

Last week Trouble founding member Rick Wartell announced that Trouble has begun recording a new album, yes finally! The last album “The Distortion Field” dates back to 2013. When Trouble announced their co-operation with Hammerheart Records in January 2020 it was already planned to record a new album in the Summer of 2020. We all know that did not happen, because the World was a different place in 2020 (and in 2021 as well). But recording has finally started in July 2022.

Hammerheart Records expects a release in 2023. When asking Rick Wartell what to expect he said it will be a real Trouble album, with all the trademarks. Trouble is: Kyle Thomas (vocals), Rob Hultz (bass), Mark Lira (drums) and as always on guitars: Bruce Franklin and Rick Wartell!



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