Hammerheart Records


April 19 2024

Tristitia and Oppressor limited vinyl re-issues out today!

Out today! Two new limited vinyl re-issues!

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Tristitia’s “Crucidiction” will be released on vinyl in a pressing of 300 copies. Doom/Black Metal that is still unique and no one sounded like Tristitia did. This, being their 2nd album, is objectively speaking the highlight in their discography and mandatory to all collectors of 90’s Scandinavian Underground Metal.

Active again on the live front in 2024 will be US Death Metal veterans Oppressor . We have come to an agreement with this fine band to re-issue their whole catalogue on Vinyl and deluxe-CD editions, all remastered and restructured in artwork (preserving the original art and feel). We start in April with a vinyl only release called “The Demos” which obviously has their demo 1991 “World Abomination” and their demo 1993 “As Blood Flows” on LP, limited to 300 copies coming in two colors. This is US Death Metal from the early 90’s, and they were at par with Gorguts, Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse and Monstrosity. Their three classic 90’s albums will be re-issued as well.



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