Hammerheart Records


February 17 2023

“Towards Extinction” from Spectral Souls is out now, old school Death Metal from Peru!

Death fucking Metal from Peru! A nuclear detonation of shredding and unbridled aggression! “Towards Extinction”, the debut album from Spectral Souls is out now on CD and LP!

When Hammerheart Records heard “Towards Extinction” they could not resist offering Spectral Souls a worldwide deal. “Towards Extinction” simply is a killer Death Metal album that brings to mind “Leprosy”, “From Beyond” and “Consuming Impulse”. For fans of: Death, Massacre, Pestilence, Obituary, Master and Skeletal Remains!


1. No More God for Me
2. No Hope Humanity
3. Fuck the World
4. Ego Man
5. Scum Politic
6. Towards Extinction
7. One Step Away from Extinction
8. Crystal Generation
9. Major Depressive Disorder
10. Misanthropy
11. Behind the Lying Glass


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