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September 23 2022

Thy Listless Heart presents their first single “The Precipice”

Thy Listless Heart and Hammerheart Records presents the first single and video for “The Precipice”, from the upcoming album “Pilgrims on the Path of no Return”.

“The Precipice” is a song that seeks to recognise and acknowledge the exhausting and sometimes life-long struggle that some people have with profound feelings of hopelessness that can lead to suicide. It’s a song for those in pain. It’s a plea to anyone in that dark place to reach out and talk to someone in the hope of finding a way through.

Thy Listless Heart to release “Pilgrims on the Path of no Return”, just in time for 2022’s Doom Metal newcomer of the year! An epic soundtrack of sorrow and longing as we journey into the unknown.

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