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October 6 2023

The new Salacious Gods album “Oalevluuk” is out today on CD, LP and digital!

The new Salacious Gods album “Oalevluuk” is out today on CD, LP and digital! Kings of Dutch Black Metal Salacious Gods once thought lost and forgotten return with their magnum magistralis! Black Metal as it was intended: pure, fast, intense and full of hate!

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“Oalevluuk” has such a significant and layered importance to Salacious Gods as a band and to the individual members that the album can only speak for itself. It captures the strife and endurance the band had to deal with to complete this piece of pure, ritualistic darkness.

After the release of the previous album ‘Piene’ in 2005, Salacious Gods had a new album written and ready to be recorded in 2006. The material was written the old-fashioned way, in the rehearsal room. But after a period of self-reflection and self-flagellation the new material was deemed more of the same and not up to the standards of the band. Due to changes in the writing process as well as an ever-evolving mindset, the band embarked on new horizons, both musically as well as lyrically.

The new “Oalevluuk” material was written and perfected in 2008. The recording process started shortly after. But by then the first ominous signs of the old curse (“Oalevluuk”) started to rear its head. The studio losing vital recordings, bandmembers sustaining slow healing injuries, line-up changes, personal tragedies were all but a few of the setbacks caused by the “Oalevluuk”. Therefore to take matters into their own hands and to rise as a phoenix out of the ashes Salacious Gods build their own place to record their satanic brewage of black bile: the Fire & Brimstone studio.

But after re-recordings and line-up alterations, the stars finally aligned in 2020. While the earth crumbled under the influence of a pandemic, fresh power flowed through the veins of old and new members of Salacious Gods. Founding member and guitarist Iezelzweard took control and lead the newly formed Salacious horde to the Fire & Brimstone studio to record “Oalevluuk”. He summoned the old band members Swerc (Kjeld, Lugubre, Uuntar) and Fjildslach (Kjeld, Lugubre) with the new members Njirrebrod (Standvast, Lugubre) on vocals and Lafawijn (Iku-Turso, Orewoet, Terdor) on vocals. Nine unholy tracks, filled with hate and spite were recorded. The lyrics are sung both in English as well as in their local dialect, Drents. The lyrical themes are a concoction of the bandmembers nightmares, ritualistic experiences performed at their own hands as well as channeling their powers from spiritual dimensions into flesh and blood.

To create the best atmosphere possible the album was mastered by Tore Stjerna (Watain, Funeral Mist, Ofermod) and the artwork was created by Babalon Graphics (Behexen, Ensiferum, Celestial Bloodshed), Médan Savamhel BA’Al, (Corpus Christii), Khaos Diktator Design (Lock Up, Doedsvangr, Thron). Intense, fast paced drumming, combined with memorable melodies and subtle keyboard passages sets the mood for the unholy return of the Gods from Drenthe!


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