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March 29 2024

SIG:AR:TYR presents new song “Ascending the Stellar Throne”, album cover and pre-orders!

SIG:AR:TYR and Hammerheart Records proudly presents the new song “Ascending the Stellar Throne”, new album “Citadel of Stars” and pre-orders! “Citadel of Stars” is a landmark album. It is an experience you have never heard before, a journey to the stars!

Mastermind Daemonskald has completely outdone himself with the new album “Citadel of Stars”. If you have not heard the previous four albums (SIG:AR:TYR is active since 2003) you should think of Bathory, Primordial, Emperor and Agalloch. “Citadel of Stars” will be released on 2-LP and on 2-CD (with the 2003 demo “The Stranger” as a bonus CD).

SIG:AR:TYR – Citadel of Stars 2-CD
SIG:AR:TYR – Citadel of Stars 2-LP (Gold vinyl)
SIG:AR:TYR – Citadel of Stars 2-LP (Black vinyl)

A unique blend of epic pagan metal and blackened traditional metal, “Citadel of Stars” is both a mournful dirge for a dying age, and a hopeful glimpse into a rebirth among the stars. Canadian one-man act SIG:AR:TYR is back with “Citadel of Stars”. The first new album since 2016’s “Northen” sees a return to the dark atmospheres of previous works, weaving the past, present, and future into a landmark release that echoes the epic themes spanning 20 years of SIG:AR:TYR’s musical legacy.

Building from the early years of acoustic guitar and ambient sounds to a series of albums that seamlessly blend epic pagan metal with introspective instrumentals, “Citadel of Stars” is the culmination of two decades of musical evolution that takes you on a spiritual journey to the stars and back with an experience you have not heard before and will not easily forget. It is hard to pick songs or highlight them, because “Citadel of Stars” floats, it takes you on a journey and before you know it you realize you need to push “play” again: that is the strength of this great album.

The “Citadel of Stars” release includes a beautiful 2-LP vinyl edition (first time that SIG:AR:TYR has had a vinyl release) and a deluxe digipack 2-CD version that includes the 2003 acoustic demo that started it all… “The Stranger”, which has never before been formally released.



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