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January 29 2024

Sear Bliss new album details and cover artwork revealed!

Long running Hungarian atmospheric metal act Sear Bliss’ 9th full-lenght album entitled “Heavenly Down” will be released in June 2024 by Dutch veteran extreme metal label Hammerheart Records.

Band leader Andras has the following to say about the album: “It’s been a really long and exhausting process but finally all pieces seem to fit together. I’m not into analyzing our own music but I’m pretty confident we have never captured the atmosphere and sound we envisioned so well before. We can’t wait to share the music and hit the road in the near future.”

Hammerheart owner Guido Heijnens adds:
“After six long years Hungary’s #1 extreme Metal band Sear Bliss return with “Heavenly Down”.  It is the most mature album in their 31 year existence and the part played by the trombone (which is a trademark) has expanded. “Heavenly Down” is a strong and atmospheric album and sees Sear Bliss grow, even after all these years.”

The album was recorded in Mushroom Studio, Austria.
Produced by Viktor Scheer.
Mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound.
The brilliant cover artwork is once again made by Kris Verwimp.

1. Infinite Grey
2. Watershed
3. The Upper World
4. Heavenly Down
5. Forgotten Deities
6. The Winding Path
7. Chasm
8. Feathers in Ashes


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