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October 5 2023

Sadism’s five inspirational records!

Sadism presents you five inspirational records! Like you expect from an old school band, is old school killer records! Sadism is dominating old school Death from Chile since 1988 and their new album “Obscurans” is set for a november release and will be available as CD, LP and digital!

Pre-order ÔÇťObscurans” here:

Black Sabbath – Master of Reality

We think of this album as the first heavy music and really dark atmosphere, unlike other bands of those times. We all know that they started Heavy Metal, and for us it mainly happens with this album.

Slayer – Hell Awaits

This album is and was very influential for the most extreme metal bands, and of course for us. To this day we have a musical influence from Slayer and their other albums.

Possessed – Seven Churches

This production could be the beginning of Death Metal. However, we recorded a song from the second album “Beyond the Gates” in 1999 for our third album called “A Dwelling of Gods”.

Sepultura – Schizophrenia

Since their previous productions, we consider them to be pillars of metal in South America. From this album we recorded the song “From the Past Comes the Storm” for our ninth album in 2020 called “The Sadistic Key Elements”.

Death – Leprosy

We are also lovers of technical death metal, and this album is a pioneer in this genre, just the year we started to form the band. The evolution between Leprosy and the first album makes it one of our favorite albums.


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