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August 23 2023

Sadism pre-orders online now!

Sadism pre-orders online now, dominating Old School Death from Chile since 1988! Out 24 november on CD, LP and digital.

Sadism – Obscurans CD
Sadism – Obscurans LP (Transparent Red vinyl)
Sadism – Obscurans LP (Black vinyl)

Sadism started in 1988 in Santiago, Chile. Founded by the current members Juan Pablo Donoso and Ricardo Roberts, with the aim of achieving a true and passionate band influenced by the Thrash and Death metal tendencies of that time, styles that reflected their feeling about music. After their first live shows the motivation was big enough to work on the first studio records, the demos: “Perdition of Souls” (1989) and “From the Perpetual Dark” (1991) consolidating Sadism as one of the biggest Metal bands in their country.

In 1992 the first album from Sadism called “Tribulated Bells” was released and it was considered one of the most important albums in their national scene and the first one of its kind in Chile. This album quickly became a “must have” for many metal fans worldwide and therefore a classic because of its its relevance. In the 1990’s Sadism toured Chile and other South American countries, and played many shows as support act to bands as Kreator, Sodom, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, among others. During the 2000’s , Sadism continued their activities and work, making music and recording albums, achieving one of their most important albums in 2014, “The Ocularis Domination” which was rated by the media in South America and Europe as one of South America’s best extreme Metal albums ever. With Their seventh album “Alliance” in 2015, Sadism realized and self-managed one of their ultimate goals; to carry out their first tour in Europe with renowned festivals and on prominent metal stages, which they continue to do until now.

Sadism considers it a milestone in their career to reach album #10, entitled “Obscurans” that will certainly mark a new stage in the band’s 33 years of non-stop activity. “Obscurans” is the creation of a work process that started in July 2022, until the album was finished in the studio in February 2023.

On their new songs Sadism would like to state the following:
“It is fair to say that around 1988 it was absolutely crazy to think about recording ten(!!!) albums as a band… and now it is with great pleasure that we can present our tenth studio album “Obscurans”. The record was made with enough time to regain our strength and hit our brutal and simple roots, and above everything else, to connect with our essence and characteristic style, driven by dark chords and blasphemous lyrics… a logbook to the most gloomy part of human history and the madness that pulls the strings to create our own decadent and miserable existence. We are very proud of this production in every way, a great triumph for us and of course we promise that there will be more than ten albums”.



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