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April 28 2023

Runemagick’s “Beyond the Cenotaph of Mankind” is out today!

Runemagick’s “Beyond the Cenotaph of Mankind” is out today! Swedish Doom/Death Metal from the Champions League of that genre! Runemagick mines the darkest seams of crushing Death/Doom Metal for unremitting headbanging groove. Runemagick are among the most underrated bands in the history of Metal. Their relative obscurity is hard to pin down. Musically, in terms of songcraft, atmosphere, and immersion into the unearthly realms of the occult, they are basically without peers. Yet despite a prolific thirty-year existence, their reputation exists on the fringes: highly regarded by some but not highly enough considering the overall quality of their output.

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Some words from the press:

“This is a very successful album if you are a fan of occult doom / death with raw grunts as vocals.” – Musika (BE), 92/100

“Runemagick celebrate on “Beyond the Cenotaph of Mankind” gripping, pitch-black, sluggish, dynamic and deeply atmospheric Death / Doom of a very high quality that should delight all fans of the genre.” – Metal Division Magazine (DE) 9/10

“Runemagick has crafted a solid black hole of rotten death/doom. Any fan of the band, or the genre itself, will want to take a deep dive into this cesspool of doom and despair.” – Metal Temple (IL) 9/10

“Mimicking a near perfect installment from the first track right down to the title track, Beyond The Cenotaph Of Mankind will easily be recognised and hailed as one of the best albums of the modern era crafted and put forth by a band that has not lost its touch and does not appear to be losing steam or ready to end the journey any time soon. Sit at the forefront and experience the magick Runemagick stir in their 30 plus year old bubbling cauldron.” Metal Bite (US) 9,7/10

“Top class Doom-Death, which belongs in every Doom collection. “Beyond The Cenopath Of Mankind” comes along powerful, heavy, menacing and with extreme sound density.” – Metal-Only (DE) 9,5/10″


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