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May 11 2023

Roots of the Old Oak proudly presents title, tracklist and artwork for their new album!

Roots of the Old Oak and Hammerheart Records proudly presents their new album “The Devil and his Wicked Ways”, to be released on CD, LP and digital at Hammerheart Records in september 2023! Old School Death/Doom Metal that follow the old ways and give voice to Pagan/Heathen deities via the medium of heavy, atmospheric music. The front cover is made by Joan Llopis Doménech and catures the true spirit of the band!

Tracklist “The Devil and His Wicked Ways”:
1. I Defy Thee
2. Cheating the Hangman
3. Forest Dweller
4. A Ballad of Two Ravens
5. The Devil and His Wicked Ways
6. Cosmic Dark Age
7. Allfather (A Wanderers Tale)
8. Take the Throne

Whilst “The Devil and His Wicked Ways” is not strictly a concept album, the structure and track listing follow a pre-planned narrative. Overall, the first track, “I Defy Thee”, sits as a statement of intent concerning Christian Monks’ first landing on English shores and our native Pagan ancestors refusing to convert or capitulate to invaders from across the waters. Proud and defiant, they stand their ground, the forests and valleys their battleground, the ancient ones standing tall behind them.

Through the album, we honour their bravery and sacrifice and announce that the Old Gods aren’t dead, nor have they returned. On the contrary, we’re saying they never left!


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