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April 10 2024

Pre-orders for Amen Corner, Oppressor and Sear Bliss online now!

The pre-orders for Amen Corner’s “Written by the Devil”, Oppressor’s “Agony” and the new Sear Bliss album “Heavenly Down” are online now!

Pre-order here:

The wait is finally over, after 6 long years Hungary’s Atmospheric Black Metal band #1 returns. Sear Bliss will release “Heavenly Down” and it has been worth the wait. The trombone is strong on this one. The cover artwork is created by Kris Verwimp and we will share more details soon. Expect a release on CD and LP.

Amen Corner started in 1992 in Brasil and is part of the bunch of so-called “Cogumelo legends”. Both their 90’s album received Underground praise and the band remained active through all the years. Their new album “Written By The Devil” is the perfect food for all fans of bands such as Malokarpatan, Varathron, Mortuary Drape, Samael and Rotting Christ. Great old school Black Metal, with a strong focus on darkness, mysticism and atmosphere, instead of playing as fast as possible. Great songs, with hooks, killer production and a fitting artwork: it is almost 1993 again!

The second re-issue of Chicago’s Oppressor will be “Agony” completely remastered and reworked on vinyl and as a deluxe-2-CD (with the live recordings, covers and demo-songs on disc #2). This album from 1996 sees the band incorporate more technical aspects into their US Death Metal. Again, no Death Metal collection is complete without this masterpiece!


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