Hammerheart Records


December 7 2018

Phlebotomized premiere new song!

Phlebotomized return to their roots and finally deliver a follow-up to “Immense Intense Suspense” 25 years later! This being the title track of the upcoming long awaited new album “Deformation Of Humanity”! The album is set for a januari 2019 release via Hammerheart Records.

1. Premonition (Impending Doom)
2. Chambre Ardente
3. Descend to Deviance
4. Eyes on the Prize
5. Desideratum
6. My Dear,…
7. Proclamation of a Terrified “Breed”
8. Until the End
9. Deformation of Humanity
10. Until the End – Reprise
11. Ataraxia II (CD only)



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