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September 18 2020

Petrichor releases Empress pre-orders!

Petrichor releases the second Empress single ‘Hiraeth’, pre-order the album now:

EU and world: https://bit.ly/2Fd1DJd
USA: https://bit.ly/2GMxnWl
Bandcamp: https://empresspetrichor.bandcamp.com

Once you have taken a dive in the vast ocean of sludge/post-metal/doom bands you know there is an endless incoming tide of quality bands. Empress hailing from Vancouver B.C. and founded in 2016 are no exception to that rule. Adding a progressive touch to their monumental sound Empress manage to succeed in creating a quite unique blend of their own. After releasing an ep and a split ep the band started working on their full length debut ‘Premonition’. Sadly in October 2019 the band struck by tragedy with the passing of bassist Brenden Gunn. Determined to carry on the other two members of the band finished the album and also made sure that it would be a fitting tribute to their lost brother. ‘Premonition’ will be out in October 2020 and available on vinyl, cd, tape and digital. Roaring sludgy doom flecked with post-metal moments.


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