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July 5 2024

Oppressor’s “Elements of Corrision” remastered re-issue out today!

Oppressor’s “Elements of Corrision” re-issue out today! A must have in the history of American Death Metal remastered! First time on vinyl!

All audio has been carefully restored and remastered by Erwin Hermsen at Toneshed Recording Studio.

Pure early 90’s US Death Metal that fits in with the likes of Suffocation, Broken Hope, Gorguts, Cryptopsy and Immolation. Raw, primitive, brutal, in your face youthful US Death Metal, as it was and will never be again!

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CD 1/LP: Elements of Corrision
1. Corrosion
2. Kingdom of the Dead
3. Blinded
4. I Despise
5. Through Their Eyes
6. Upon the Uncreation
7. In Malice I Breathe
8. Vulgar Illusions
9. Lost in Sorrow (Outro)

CD 2: The Solstice of Agony and Corrosion Live
1. Passage (Live)
2. Kingdom of the Dead (Live)
3. Eclipse Into Eternity (Live)
4. Carnal Voyage (Live)
5. Vulgar Illusion (Live)
6. Corrosion (Live)
7. Seasons (Live)
8. I Am Darkness (Live)
9. Gone (Live)


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