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October 17 2021

New Sarcasm album artwork!

Here’s the artwork to the new Sarcasm album “Stellar Stream Obscured” This was once again made by Raul Gonzales. The CD/LP is out on January 28. The album was recorded in the spring of this year at HSH Studios in Uppsala and was produced entierly by SARCASM. It’s mastered by Christian Wallgren who also did their last album.

“Stellar Stream Obscured” is a 2-story concept album, both stories that connect together at the end are divided into two chapters. A more rewarding experience for vinyl lovers particularly. First single from the album coming soon.

Chapter I: Terra Ingloria
1. Through The Crystal Portal 3:12
2. We Only Saw The Shadows Of Life 4:25
3. Ancient Visitors 8:18
4. The Spinning Tomb 3:39

Chapter II: Terra Vis
1. Obsidian Eyes 4:55
2. The Powers Of Suffering That Be 5:39
3. Apocalyptic Serenity 5:40
4. Let Us Descend 5:08


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