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May 6 2022

New Entrails song “Reborn in Worms”, from “An Eternal Time of Decay” out 24 june!

Entrails release a new song: “Reborn in Worms”, taken from their upcoming album “An Eternal Time of Decay”, set for a release in june on CD and LP, together with a re-issue of “The Tomb Awaits” on CD and LP. Get your healthy dose of HM-2 soaked old school Death Metal now!

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Entrails has finally managed to find its own style, mixing the horror movie themed riffs, which permeates its songs, while also rescuing much of the essence of what Old School Swedish Death is all about: a dark ambience with punkish blasting drumming, with also buzz-saw and down tuned melodic riffs all well blended with a respectable level of technical complexity. This is one of the best Swedish Death and Death Metal albums you have ever heard. The general arrangement and the placing of the songs are adequate and it feels cohesive. The artwork is done by sci-fi artist Henrik Ågren, the album is mixed by founder Jimmy Lundqvist and mastered by Dan Swanö.


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