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May 19 2023

Nattehimmel’s “Mourningstar” is out now!

Nattehimmel’s “Mourningstar” CD/LP/Digital is out now!

Order and listen here:

Former In the Woods… members deliver epic Norwegian Black Metal to takes you into the night sky! With members of such experience, Nattehimmel would have to be silly to mess things up, yet one does not expect to be so impressed by the concoction boiling in this Norwegian cauldron. Despite the very pretty nature of some melodic guitar and the lush keys that serve multiple purposes, the riffs lift every song to stateliness despite not having many apiece, while the vocal styles have been judged well enough to smother this cake with icing. Forget the surrogate for now, because Nattehimmel is about to give us something really special.


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