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March 17 2023

Nattehimmel presents the video of “Astrologer”!

Nattehimmel presents their new song “Astrologer”, taken from the upcoming album “Astrologer”. Check out the video below.

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Nattehimmel features former members of In the Woods… and joined together to deliver epic Norwegian Black Metal on their debut album “Mourningstar”. ┬áThe first track, “Astrologer,” has similarities to In the Woods…’s legendary “Omnio” album from 1997, and the members hold “Omnio” in high regard. However, “Mourningstar” also incorporates a variety of elements to shape their Black Metal sound, including a range of vocal tropes from growls to groans to rasps, as well as keyboards that shift from electronic sounds to lush melodies. Despite the band’s impressive credentials and experience, “Mourningstar” surpasses expectations with its combination of melodic guitar, powerful riffs, and diverse vocals. Nattehimmel is sure to impress fans of Black Metal and beyond.


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