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June 25 2021

Konkhra’s “Sexual Affective Disorder” re-issue is out today!

Out today! Konkhra’s debut album re-issue on deluxe 2-CD and LP! Classic Death Metal recorded at Sunlight Studio by Tomas Skogsberg in 1993. The bonus CD contains all demos!

Order here:
2-CD (Regular jewelcase in slipcase edition)
LP (Black vinyl)
LP (Clear vinyl, limited to 100)
LP (Orange/Black Splatter vinyl, limited to 200)

Konkhra re-issues much sought after debut on LP again and deluxe 2-CD (with all pre-album demos). “Sexual Affective Disorder” is the debut full-length studio album by Danish Death Metal band Konkhra. The album was originally released on Progress Red Labels in July 1993. “Sexual Affective Disorder” was recorded at the now legendary Sunlight Studio in Sweden and produced by Tomas Skogsberg and Konkhra. Konkhra had been roaming the Danish underground scene since the early nineties and steadily increased their fanbase with the “The Vicious Circle” demo from 1990 and the “Malgrowth demo” from 1991, both featured on the 2-CD edition as bonus. Also included is their first official release: the “Stranded” EP from 1992.


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