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December 10 2022

Isole’s “Forevermore” and “Throne of Void” available again on CD!

Isole’s first two classic impressive Doom Metal albums finally available on CD again!

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If you think Doom Metal to be nothing but depressing lyrics and vocals, minor keys, and tempos slower than a bulldozer you are probably right. Doom Metal is infamously notorious for being extremely listener-unfriendly, mainly for its plodding nature. Riffs are repeated an abundance of times, and the music makes you feel like you will fall over in exhaustion at parts. However, there are some doom bands that break this mold. Older My Dying Bride, newer Candlemass and some Cathedral are quite a bit more listenable; they have interesting song patterns and melodies, and untouchable vocals in places. Isole falls into this pattern as well.

Forlorn, formed in 1990, released a few demos, and then went into hibernation for a good portion of the 1990s, only to resurface again in 2003 under the name Isole. Under their new name Isole, they released their first album in 2005.


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