Hammerheart Records


May 14 2022

Hammerheart Records teams up with Wothrosch

Emerging from the gutters of Athens, Greece in 2018, Wothrosch embarked on a path to create their inmost sinister art. In late 2019, the Athenian trio united with George Emmanuel (ex-Rotting Christ), in order to produce Wothrosch’s sonic conjurings, which would ultimately take shape and form as the band’s debut offering, “Odium. Inspired by extreme soundscapes, “Odium”” is an exploration of the darkest facets of the human condition.

“Odium” is big in sound and big in darkness, it will drown you in sonic madness. Welcome to their world. Welcome to the world of Wothrosch. Expect a release in Autumn 2022.


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