Hammerheart Records


February 5 2024

Hammerheart Records signs Spain’s Death/Doom outfit Totengott!

Hammerheart Records is proud to announce the signing of Spain’s Avantgarde Death/Doom outfit Totengott! Their upcoming album “Beyond the Veil” is set for a release date in july!

The spiritual guidance of Tom Warrior is strong on “Beyond the Veil”, the third full-length album by Totengott, Spain’s bastard sons of Celtic Frost! But they are so much more than an excellent copycat, they explore the blueprint laid out by their inspirator, adding echoes from Voivod, Bathory, Winter, Conan or Obituary along with other details unheard in order to create a haunting masterpiece! And lets be honest, there can never be enough Celtic Frost in this World, but there are not many bands who walk that path. Totengott truly go “Beyond the Veil”.


Bandpicture by Jaime García


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