Hammerheart Records


April 29 2021

Hammerheart Records signs Dutch Death/Doom Metal veterans Extreme Cold Winter

Hammerheart Records is proud to announce the signing of Dutch Death/Doom Metal veterans Extreme Cold Winter! The debut full length “World Exit” will be unleashed to the world in October on CD and LP.

The first single is set for august, keep an eye on this website and our youtube channel.

Extreme Cold Weather features (ex-)members of former Hammerheart Records bands like Beyond Belief, Officium Triste and Severe Torture. They released their first EP ‘Paradise Ends Here’ in 2015. Now they are back with a Doom/Death album that has the crushing power of a mammoth in rage. Lyrically and musically this breathes pure quality and it is unlikely that any band will match the unique sound of Extreme Cold Winter.¬†For fans of: Winter, Officium Triste, (old) Paradise Lost, Beyond Belief, Disembowelment, Hooded Menace and Hellhammer!


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