Hammerheart Records


April 12 2023

Hammerheart Records is proud to announce the debut album of Tumulation!

Hammerheart Records is proud to announce the debut album of Californian Death/Doom purveyors Tumulation. Pure fucking filth and destruction! Tumulation is the perfect Death/Doom Metal band featuring Conjureth members!

Behold, the unholy force of Tumulation, the Californian Death/Doom purveyors who summon forth a massive wall of downtuned filth. Embracing the swampy early 90’s Death/Doom Metal, “Haunted Funeral Creations” exudes a malevolent aura of aggression and anger, saturating every pore with this infernal atmosphere.

With an unwavering dedication to the old school Death/Doom Metal, Tumulation’s first-class rancid and merciless sound remains incredibly varied, never faltering into irrelevance or tedium. Switching instruments and roles, the members of Conjureth formed Tumulation in 2021 to delve into new musical ideas, concocting a new songwriting process that focuses on the swampy early 90’s Doom/Death sound.

Tumulation’s two back-to-back demos received critical acclaim from both the media and fans, unleashing the fully-formed veterans of the extreme music scene. In league with Hammerheart Records, Tumulation will unleash their first album “Haunted Funeral Creations” in August 2023!


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