Hammerheart Records


March 23 2023

Greek extreme metal band Bio-Cancer announce artwork for “Revengeance”!

Greek extreme metal outfit Bio-Cancer is thrilled to announce the artwork for their upcoming album “Revengeance”, created by Dan Goldsworthy (known for his work with Aborted, Xentrix, Corpsegrinder, Accept, and many more). “Revengeance” is set to be released in september, so mark your calendars and stay tuned for more updates!

1. Citizen… Down!
2. 44 Days in Hell
3. Footprints on my Back
4. Revengeance
5. Dream Merchants
6. Swiping Life Away
7. Underdog (Against the Odds)
8. Bludgeoning Skullcrushing Mayhem


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