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September 15 2023

Ghosts Of Atlantis presents the official comic video for “The Lycaon King”!

Ghosts Of Atlantis and Hammerheart Records proudly presents the official comic video for “The Lycaon King”!

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After the opening of Pandora’s Box, chaos is unleashed across the realms, Lycaon, the king of Arcadia, now corrupt, appears to have completely succumbed to madness.
This king, a well known tyrant, believed himself to be untouchable, and above the laws of humanity.

Shortly after these events, a great feast was laid on to honour the gods, during this event, a young child was sacrificed on the altar within a sacred temple.

The child would be served as an offering to Zeus. However, these actions angered the gods, and the punishment that would follow, was both swift, and hard.

A curse from Zeus was placed on The Lycaon King transforming him into a wolf, and banishing him to the wilderness, to scavenge like an desperate beast. The people of Arcadia, once opressed, and held like slaves, would now rise up and take control of the city and lands.

The same people then set out to imprison the royal family, with the plan of offering his kin as a sacrifice under the next full moom.

The cruelty of humanity, and this brutal punishment, led the gods to abandon these lands, and leave them to resolve the chaos caused by the opening of the box of Pandora alone.



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