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September 13 2023

Five favourite records from Salacious Gods!

Salacious Gods presents you five of their favorite albums!

Kings of Dutch Black Metal Salacious Gods once thought lost and forgotten return with their magnum magistralis! Black Metal as it was intended: pure, fast, intense and full of hate!

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Samael – Worship Him 

I was born in 1976 therefore I am mostly influenced by everything that happened in the 80’s. My father was a metalworker, so I still have the smell of burning metal in my nose. As far as I’m concerned, the ’80 are the era of the ultimate metal albums and nostalgia. At the end of my primary school years I first came into contact with metal. It was also difficult to escape, there were many bands that had hit singles at the time, Iron Maiden, Europe, Motley Crue, etc. Merchandise from those bands was for sale in every souvenir shop and market in every village. Metal was super big back then. Somewhere in Time, Seventh son of a seventh son and The Headless Children were my favorites. Exchanging and copying cassette tapes from friends, that’s how it was back then. I had a friend who was a few years older than me who already played drums in a black/death metal band and let me listen to recordings of Venom, Celtic Frost, Slayer, Kreator, Bathory, Morbid Angel, etc. and a little later too black metal. He also influenced me a lot. He passed away a few months ago. So by the end of the ’80 and beginning of the ’90 trash metal and death metal were the most dominant genre’s. Everyone wore jeans with high-top sneakers. But there were some bands beginning to stray away from that. One of those bands were Samael. In 1992 they played a festival (metalblast) near my home town. That was a legendary performance and very inspiring!! This was a big influence. It was not just a performance. Samael played Hellhammer’s ‘The third of the storms’ as one of the encores. And just when they played that song it suddenly started storming! Parts of the stage blew over and blew away. But Samael kept going in the wind and rain, really magical! So their debut album ‘Worship him’ is on this little list. Also our song ‘Honor him’ is an indirect reference to that album.

Morbid Angel – Abominations of Desolation 

In the late 80s, when every metalhead wore stretch jeans and high-top sneakers, there was another band that stood out; Morbid Angel! A band with real satanic lyrics. ‘Altars of Madness’ had just been released and we heard stories about them being grave robbers. What they had found in those graves, they took with them on tour. And the band members ritually cut themselves in their arms and let the blood drip down their guitars. That was a far stretch from DRI or Sacred Reich. They not only stood out because of their dark way of life, but of course also because they made music that we had never heard before. So brutal and nasty. Legendary drummer Pete Sandoval provided a monstrous spead to the violent music. We also heard that there was a pre-Altars of Madness album that was recorded but never released. Eventually we got a cassette tape that was in circulation with that album on it. It had been copied countless times so the sound quality was terrible. In the same period ‘Blessed are the Sick’ was released. Also a complete classic. As a young metalhead you naturally hope that all negative stories about such a band are actually true. At least in band photos they looked like they’d been abandoned by all the good spirits. Around the same time, the album that had not yet seen the light of day was released ‘Abominations of Desolation’. It was les brutal and was less death metal oriented than Altars and Blessed. But the pure filth drips from it. As if Lovecraft himself had been behind the controls to produce it. More atmosphere and more towards black metal. And the maniacal vocals of Mike Browning made it complete.

Satiricon – The Shadowthrone 

In 1996 Steakelhorn and I were travelling by train on our way to a concert in the Baroeg (Rotterdam). Gorgoroth, Satiricon and Dissection were to play that night. We had a discussion about whether Satiricon could live up to the material on ‘Dark Medieval Times’ and ‘The shadowthrone’ live. This seemed impossible to us because the atmosphere on those albums seemed so unique that it could not be reproduced again. But already with the opening song of the set of Satiricon it turned out that we were wrong. It was One of the most memorable performances that has stayed with us. The album ‘Nemesis Devina’ was just released and we didn’t know any songs from it yet. In retrospect, the material from that album also turned out to be less relevant to us because we felt the atmosphere was less mysterious and dark than on the previous two albums. Often as you get to know a band better, the mystique gets lost a bit. That was also the case with Satiricon. ‘The Shadowthrone’ is, in our opinion, the classic of Satiricon. We are untrained musicians ourselves and had to learn everything ourselves. In terms of song structures, we learned a lot from that album.

Diabolical Masquarade – The Phantom Lodge 

In our younger years we listened to different types of metal. In particular Heavy metal (Iron Maiden, Celtic Frost, Venom, etc.), thrash metal (Destruction, Kreator, Sodom, Slayer, etc.), death metal, (Morbid Angel, Entombed, Asphyx, Deicide, etc.) and black metal (Immortal, Marduk, Darkthrone, Burzum, etc.). At that time it was not considered “true” to combine different styles within the black metal genre. Then a band entered the black metal scene that managed to combine all those styles effortlessly. Diabolical Masquerade. We had great admiration for that and it left a big mark on our musicality. Partly because of this, we have incorporated a lot of thrash metal influences into our music. Of the four albums, The Phantom Lodge has been the most influential on our work.

Acheron – Rites of the Black Mass 

We’ve only ever played two covers with Salacious Gods. The first cover we played was ‘To thee we Confess’ from Acheron’s album ‘Rites of the Black Mass’ and a little later we covered ‘The sign of Evil Existance’ from Rotting Christ’s album ‘Thy Mighty Contract’. Rotting Christ has also been a great musical influence on us. But it is more than a strange coincidence that many years later one of us (Iezelzweard) is now in a band with Vincent Crowley of Acheron (Infidel Reich) and ended up on the same record label. In addition, he co-founded Nocturnus, a band that has also been an influence on us, especially in the beginning when we still used keyboards. We always played a cassette version of ‘The Key’ in the car on the way to the rehearsal room. We only played ‘To thee we Confess’ 4 or 5 times live. The style of music on ‘Rites of the Black Mass’ is a bit rough and straightforward and not quite in line with what we wanted to work towards as a band, but it is certainly a classic within the genre. And besides that, it was pretty much the only thing we could play at the very beginning.


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