Hammerheart Records


February 21 2020

First single from Collision’s last mini-album “The Final Kill”!

Last august Collision decided to quit after almost 20 years…

As a sweet goodbye Collision went to Toneshed Recording Studio in october to record their last mini album: “The Final Kill”! A fast, frantic and aggressive crossover between Grindcore and Thrash Metal… maybe their most intenste recording ever! “The Final Kill” will be released in april by Hammerheart Records. Artwork is done by Luis Sendón. A cover bonustrack is added to the vinyl version! Check out the first song below, pre-orders are online in the first week of march, so stay tuned!

Tracklist “The Final Kill”:
1. Sweet Vermin
2. Intense Infestation
3. Shattered Glass And Severed Heads
4. Engine Of Extermination
5. Shell Shock Suicide
6. Frozen In Terror
7. Savage Executioner
8. Kill Yourself (S.O.D. cover, vinyl/bandcamp bonustrack)


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