Hammerheart Records


June 14 2024

Finally! The first Dimbild song”Frostpiskan” is out today! Featuring Erik from Månegarm.

Finally the long wait is over! Dimbild and Hammerheart Records proudly present you the first song called “Frostpiskan”, featuring Erik from Månegarm!

Dimbild emerged as an semi acoustic side project of the renowned musician Vintersorg in 2022, embracing the folky side of his journey in its full context and keeping the intense metal compositions associated with the main act outside. It’s something that has been growming for years but in 2022 it came into its own shape. Departing from the relentless energy of metal, Dimbild has a more subdued and introspective approach to music-making. The project allow Vintersorg to explore a different facet of his artistic expression, delving further deeper into the realms of folk and acoustic music with a hint of melancholy woven into its fabric.



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