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June 10 2022

Ereb Altor’s “Rites of the Blood Moon” tourdates!

Ereb Altor is the definition of Scandinavian Metal, which one could read as the perfect mixture of the Blackened roots of earlier Bathory, the Viking/Pagan Metal epicness of later Bathory and the Heavy Metal feel of Candlemass, all cemented by a True Pagan feel in the lyrics connected to the land of the Vikings of the North. With “Vargtimman” released upon the world last January (with only great feedback from the fans and media) Ereb Altor is finally boarding their longship once again to go out on a raid! First up are some Summer Festivals and then in September a European tour!

The give all of you a great opportunity to get your Ereb Altor collection completed we have decided to run a campaign giving you 20% discount on all Ereb Altor releases until the tour starts.

And of course the band and the Hammerheart Records team hope to see you in the front of the stage (or at the bar with a beer at least) when Ereb Altor tours!

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