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June 3 2024

Ereb Altor’s “Blot-Ilt-Taut” finally available on CD!

“Blot-Ilt-Taut” is Ereb Altor’s tribute to Swedens most legendary band Bathory! Finally available on CD!

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Every fan knowing about Ereb Altor´s career is aware that they are by far not a Bathory tribute or cover band, but Quorthon and his legendary band is one of the main influences and with tons of heart and soul Ereb Altor transport this heritage to the present age! Now Ereb Altor choose to record 7 Bathory classics for this special vinyl only release entitled “Blot-Ilt-Taut” (which is old Swedish and means nothing less than “Blood-Fire-Death”!), where they praise with reverence and much respect the mighty works of Tomas “Ace” Börje Forsberg who sadly passed away in 2004 much too early.


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