Hammerheart Records


September 13 2019

Ensiferum vinyl re-issues

In January 2020 Hammerheart Records will start a new year with a full blast of Metal! Due to very high demand Hammerheart Records will re-issue the first five Ensiferum albums on deluxe gatefold vinyl:

Ensiferum 2-LP (100x Ultra Clear / 100x Swamp Green / 300x Black)
Iron LP (100x Ultra Clear / 100x Transparant Orange / 300x Black)
Victory Songs 2-LP (100x Ultra Clear / 100x Gold / 300x Black)
From Afar LP (100x Ultra Clear / 100x Transparant Blue / 300x Black)
Unsung Heroes 2-LP (100x Ultra Clear / 100x Transparant Purple / 300x Black)

Ensiferum is seen worldwide as one of the torchbearers of Folk influenced Heavy Metal, even connected to Pagan/Viking  Metal and has reached a huge audience during their 25 years existence.


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