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December 2 2022

Deviser presents video for their new song “Cold Comes The Night”

Deviser and Hammerheart Records proudly presents the video for the new single “Cold Comes the Night”! This killer track is animated by Haris Kountouris for HK Visual Creations (Rotting Christ, Sabathon, Need and more). Deviser’s new album “Evil Summons Evil” will be out in february on CD, LP and digital!


After 12 years this is the triumphant return of Hellenic darkness!

Followers of Deviser all over the world who still concider their early releases as hidden gems of their collections, are in a frenzy this year awaiting the long-awaited new full length release, “Evil Summons Evil”, Greeks latest installment in the Black Metal scene and possibly the most important album of their career. An album that will surely leave its mark on the global metal community.

Produced by the talented Psychon of Septicflesh who has taken over the mixing and mastering of the album and recorded exclusively at Soundabuseproductions in Athens.

Deviser is a long-lasting value in the history of European Black Metal for the connoisseurs of the genre. The call of evil comes to darken the whole earth this February through Hammerheart records.


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