Hammerheart Records


November 14 2018

Defy The Curse full EP stream

Dutch death dealers (try saying that three times fast!) Defy the Curse are shameless in their love for Entombed-style Swedish death metal and crust on their self-titled debut EP. Rabid, buzzsaw guitars and vocals spit out at high velocity mix with a groovy rhythm section for maximum impact. Swathed in a layer of crust, Defy the Curse is suffocating in its grooves and rousing and extremely headbangable at its fastest. Defy the Curse aren’t reinventing the wheel on this EP, but they certainly know how to build an effective one. The EP will be available for purchase in December!

Check out the full EP stream at Decibel Magazine!

1. Disdain
2. The Messiah Complex
3. Oblivion
4. Progress to Nonetheless
5. Obsolete


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