Hammerheart Records


December 1 2021

Dead Head presents the first single from the upcoming 2022 album: “Acolyte”!

Dead Head’s first single from the upcoming 2022 album marks the return of singer/bassist Ralph de Boer, also known as frontman from Dutch Death Metal band Bodyfarm. Ralph previously made the album “Depression Tank” with Dead Head. Audio and video production by Erwin Hermsen at Toneshed Recording Studio.

The raging, savage, heavy yet scything hyperfast guitar riffs are so crammed with maliciousness that you instantly realise that Slayer have in all reality been effectively dead for years. The vocals which easily rival any Thrash band in history for delivering snarling savage hatred, should show Kreator what they have been incapable of producing since Pleasure to Kill. The fast cannon like drumming is unrepentant, and forms a perfect malevolent percussive backing for this brutal aural bashing. The mix is just as professional as you could want from a Thrash album, the guitar tone is crunchy and vocals are just right: spitting hatred and virtue in the same breath.


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