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November 27 2019

Coffins EP’s “March Of Despair” and “Craving To Eternal Slumber” re-issue!

“March Of Despair” and “Craving To Eternal Slumber”, two out of print EP’s from Coffins with bonustracks on one CD, over 75 minutes of ancient Doom/Death Metal from Japan’s biggest Death Metal band! For fans of: Asphyx, Hellhammer, Entombed, Autopsy, Grave, Nihilist, Bolt Thrower and Celtic Frost. Available in january for a nice price!

March Of Despair
1. Till Dawn Of The Doomsday
2. Grotesque Messiah
3. Carpet Of Bones
4. In Bloody Sewage
5. Corpsegrinder

Craving To Eternal Slumber
6. Hatred Storm
7. Tyrant
8. Craving To Eternal Slumber
9. Stairway To Torment
10. An Obscure Pain
11. Decapitated Crawl

12. Hellbringer
13. Under The Stench (Alternate Version)
14. Till Dawn Of The Dooms Day (Live)
15. Grotesque Messiah (Live)


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