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July 15 2022

Blind Illusion presents cover artwork for their upcoming album “Wrath of the Gods”!

For its¬†upcoming brand new album¬†Wrath of the Gods, Blind Illusion has commissioned artist Alvin Petty to convey the image of a goddess of destruction laying waste to the world. Blind Illusion frontman Mark Biederman started playing in bands as a teen along with David White the singer of Heathen and Alvin Petty, so he was the natural artist to reach out to for us. Back in the 1980’s Alvin Petty created the album covers for Metallica – Creeping Death and Heathen – Victims of Deception among many others. Blind Illusion is extremely pleased at the finished hand painted vision crafted by this master artist.

We will have a short run of numbered paintings we will auction off along with presales of the album. We also have some framed handwritten lyric sheets signed by Mark Bidermann as well. Stay tuned for the release date coming very soon!

“Alvin is every bit as much a visionary to the presentation of Blind Illusion as are the musicians”
– Mark Bidermann 2022

“Mark and I along with David White (Heathen) as grade schoolers started our first band under several different names before arriving at Blind Illusion. Looking back 48 years ago Mark and David continue to surprise and inspire me as we explore the arts. I loved Anvil Chorus and enjoyed working with Doug Piercy for the first time on the 1991 Heathen (Victims of Deception). I remember when we were kids the cover art was like the cereal box looking at the artwork /photos / lyrics while the record’s spin was the best!”
– Alvin Petty July 2022



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