Hammerheart Records

Band submission

Hammerheart Records is always open to check (new) music, and we deeply appreciate your efforts in doing so.

What do we expect?  

  •  We would like to get recordings that are mixed (and possibly mastered) and that are 100% ready to listen to.
  • We can’t listen to rehearsals, half done songs or music where instruments are not yet recorded.
  • If these songs are from an album, we want to hear the full album, not a few songs.
  • Videoclips are cool, but not bad live recordings (where you perform in the dark making a lot of noise).
  • Please add your biography, logo(s), photos and all social media links and web-related information.

If this is all provided, we guarantee we will check it out.

If we are interested in what you have to offer, we will contact you. If you don’t hear back from us, it means we’ve passed, but it does not mean we don’t value your efforts! We always feel honored you considered us.

Mail your information (as described above) to: guido@hammerheart.com

And maybe the Metal Gods are with you!

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