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November 4 2022

Aurora Borealis released their new album “Prophecy is the Mold…” today!

Aggressive Blackened Death Metal with hooks and technical finesse that invokes the Ancient Gods! Aurora Borealis has been around for years (going back to as far as 1994! and it has mostly self-released their albums.

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It’s got Death Metal in its genes, but Aurora Borealis takes the vitriol from Black Metal especially in the vocal department and gives the music an edge that is hard to miss. Here there is that special spice, that sizzling quality that comes from the rasps, adding a certain Thrashiness to it as well. The hooks make this album special, because writing good songs can be safely left in the hands of founding member Ron Vento. It might be normal to get lost a bit in the music but they come as a constant reminder of the quality of the band’s music, never letting your attention drift too far away.


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