Hammerheart Records

Defy The Curse


Rabid in your face Swedish sounding Death Metal.

Defy The Curse is new 4 piece Swedish sounding Death Metal band, that isn’t afraid to show their love for old school Crustcore and Sludge! The rabid chainsaw guitar sound just so beautifully crispy and dirty… the bass is perfectly technical, low enough to rumble your bowels and of course highly beneficial to the music… the vocals are scathing as razors and the drums are powerful as hell!

Since a couple of years some old friends and band members started jamming together. Out of this, there was growing a brand new band. Defy The Curse exists of members and ex-members from Legion Of The Damned, Collision, Slam Squad, Inhume and Acid Deathtrip. Defy The Curse recorded this EP in the weekend from Friday the 13th in 2018.