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June 7 2022

Arallu presents cover artwork for their upcoming album “Death Covenant”

Arallu from Israël and Hammerheart Records are teaming up for the new Arallu album entitled “Death Covenant”.

“Death Covenant” is aggressive Black Metal from the (un)Holy land, drenched with a certain Middle-Eastern flair that one can find in other bands from Israël like Melechesh and Orphaned Land, although we need to stress that Arallu is the most raw and deadly of these. Blessed with a cover art by Nir Doliner (www.facebook.com/serpent.above) and graced with a killer production “Death Covenant” sees Arallu make huge progress compared to any of their previous seven studio albums. This is the real deal.

The first single will drop next month, right before their European tour.

Catch Arallu on the road on their upcoming tour:

25/03/2022 Tel Aviv (Isr)
09/04/2022 Jerusalem (Isr)
14/05/2022 Haifa (Isr)
26/05/2022 Tel aviv (Isr)
05/06/2022 Jerusalem (Isr)
21/06/2022 Milano (It)
22/06/2022 Lijubliana (Slv)
23/06/2022 Vienna (Aus)
24/06/2022 Budapest (Hun)
25/06/2022 Mlada Boleslav (Cz)
26/06/2022 Bielsko Biala (Pol)
28/06/2022 Vilnius (Lit)
29/06/2022 Riga (Lat)
01/07/2022 Stockholm (Sw)
02/07/2022 Bergevegen 1 Rainsvoll (Nor)
03/07/2022 Oslo (Nor)
25/07/2022 Jerusalem (Isr)
15/12/2022 Tel Aviv (Isr)
24/12/2022 Haifa (Isr)


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