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February 16 2024

ACOD and Hammerheart Records proudly presents”Versets Noirs”!

ACOD and Hammerheart Records proudly presents “Versets Noirs”! A new chapter has been written… The French ACOD has just returned from beyond to relate you their journey on the other side. Some stories must be told, some stories must be revealed, it is time to unveil: “Versets Noirs”! Recorded and Mixed by Sebastien Camhi at Studio Artmusic and is mastered by Jacob Hansen at Hansen studio. The cover and photo by Nicolas Senegas, check it out below. The first single is set for 8 march on all streaming platforms!

“Versets Noirs” is available as:
LP (Transparent Red/Black Marble vinyl)
LP (Limited to 100 copies on Clear/Black Marble vinyl, with alternative artwork)

Pre-order here:

1. Habentis Maleficia
2. The Son of a God (The Heir of Divine Blood)
3. A Thousand Lives in a Second
4. May This World Burn
5. Black Trip (Samael cover)



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